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Important Notice   Safety and hygiene protocol

Health Protocols

In Hotel Sevilla Palace your safety is our main concern, that is why we’ve implemented a health protocol that includes the following safe and hygiene measures:

a) Cleaning and disinfection of the hotel public areas, such as: hallways, elevators, bathrooms, ballrooms and restaurants. There are sanitizing floor mats at the entrance, temperature checks and hand gel dispensers, in addition to luggage disinfection before entering the hotel.

b) All the staff has face masks and, depending on the areas, face shield or protection glasses, gloves and a constant and continuous disinfection of the work areas and areas for clients and guests. Likewise, there are signs that remind us to keep the 1.5 m social distance.

c) Deep cleaning in the rooms with key products.

d) QR codes are used instead of the traditional menus at Naranjos Restaurant. We disinfect tables, do temperature checks on diners before entering the restaurant and apply sanitizing hand gel.

e) All of these norms are the one that Health and Government Authorities request.

f) A committee called COVID, headed by the General Management and Human Resources, was created. Weekly meetings are arranged to talk about health protocols and monitor our collaborators in order to avoid the spread of the disease.